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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I need to have a company to order bigger quantities?

No, you can order as much as you want whether it is for personal or business use.

2. Can I collect or buy from the warehouse?

Yes, you are more than welcome to walk in and collect your order or purchase the products.

3. Can I order through the phone?

You can but we recommend you to order through the website as the free shipping and discounts do not apply over the phone.

4. Can I get the products in paper bags?

       You will have the option to choose paper bag packaging during checkout if it's available for your chosen products and quantity. 

       Since this is the only way to request paper-bag packaging, any notes requesting paper bags will be disregarded.

       We are continuously working to expand the range of products suitable for paper bag packaging

5. Can I bring my own jars or containers?

We support the Zero Waste Movement initiative to help reduce waste which means you are more than welcome to bring your own packaging.

6. How do I track my parcel?

Starting from 14.08.2018 we are sending tracking numbers to all our customers before the end of the day with all the instructions of how to track your order.

7. What is the difference between whole and broken nuts?

Whole nuts are mostly used as a snack. Borken nuts are used for baking, cooking, salads or smoothies.

8. How are the products packed?

The products are packed in plastic bags for quantities up to 10kg. For quantities, over 10kg the products are packed in plastic bags or left with the original packaging which can be carton or plastic bags.

9. Why do nuts allergens apply to all products?

All the products are handled and packaged in the same facility and on rare occasions, small pieces of peanuts could get mixed with other products. We didn't have any problems or complaints for over 5 years since we are in business.